Hi, I am Kim Bratvold, mother of three awesome teenagers, Nick, Sam and Ava. I am married to the love of my life, Jeffrey. Originally, I am from Southern Ontario and moved to Alberta in 1996. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick in 1994. I can't say that I was one of those photographers that from a very young age had a camera in my hand as I stumbled upon photography much later in my life. I did dabble a bit in University but it wasn't until a friend asked if I could take some photos of her family for a Thanksgiving reunion as all photographers were booked. I think she thought because I had artsy tendencies I could handle it. My husband said you need a real camera for that so off he went and bought me my first Nikon digital camera, a Nikon D200. I had a couple days to figure that thing out. I am not a technical guru and so on the day of the session I pretty much had zero clue what I was doing. Got the job done. I wish, don't wish I knew where those photos were now as it would be interesting to see the progress over the years. From there I started taking and experimenting more with my camera. A friend told me that they were looking for a part time photographer at the newspaper and that I should apply. I kind of laughed at that as it seemed ridiculous that a newspaper would hire me. I applied anyways and somehow got hired. I loved that job and I feel that this is where I truly began to learn to take photos. The newspaper could be fast paced and everyday was relatively new. There certainly was no watching the clock wondering when the day would end at that job and I also made many lasting friendships while there. All good thing s must come to an end and due to my boys' hockey schedules conflicting with my job hours I had to quit. I decided that I would start my own photography business so that I could set my own hours and voila, here i am, many years later.